Bron Yr Aur art auction

Hello to you all, well as the Bron Yr Aur project starts to wind up for now, we waved goodbye yesterday to the remaining few paintings of US artist Jim Stallings. We are delighted that one of his works is remaining close by at the Riverside in Pennal , even more of an excuse if you are in the UK to grab a drink and some food at this great spot. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride of a project and we are now looking to take a break and focus of our micro farming and other creative works. From this evening onwards we will be holding an online auction for many art pieces that we have in stock, some fantastic work by multiple artists. You can view works as ever at and either purchase directat the current sale price or direct message us an offer…Cheeky offers allowed 😉

Thanks to the many hundreds of you who have suported the project, sent us messages, gifts or purchased artwork and books. Our book ‘Bron Yr Aur though the seasons’ will continue to be available worldwide from Amazon. Click here for UK link

Thanks again, Scott, Ruth and White Dove @ Bron Yr Aur

P.S. The Bron Yr Aur retreat is now only available by private arrangment. Details are available at but bookings can only be made by getting in touch with us directly.