About The Artists

Jim Stallings

Macon, Georgia, USA

“People often over thinkart. It’s just a lot of energythat comes together in one place”. That has always been a simple way to characterize Jim’s thoughts on art and especially his own painting style. He always paints quickly and with a lot of energy.

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Simon O’Rourke

Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

Simon O’Rourke is a Liverpool born Illustration graduate, who stumbled across wood carving through working as a tree surgeon. Simon quickly realised the potential of the chainsaw in producing large scale, high impact sculpture in a short space of time.

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Nathan Woods

Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

Nathan Woods is a happy artist. He got to soak up the inspirational surroundings of Bron yr aur and produce this set of work there. Nathan trained in illustration, but has worked with tattoo-machines, computers and chainsaws in his art since. Separately.

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Ruth Roe

Machynlleth, Wales, United Kingdom

Influenced for a lifetime by the sights and atmosphere of Bron yr aur, Ruth studied Art at the University of Warwick, with her degree show drawing inspiration from nearby ruins of a similar dwelling, which hide away in the forest.

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White Dove

Machynlleth, Wales, United Kingdom

White Dove has worked prolifically for seven years, most recently developing an excellent sense of scale and place. Her first commercial work sold locally in 2011, in the form of greetings cards.

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Ben Kennedy

Birmingham, England

Drawing and painting since childhood, artist Ben Kennedy is for the most part self-taught. His enthusiastic and eclectic embrace of artistic expression across the years is self evident.

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Scott Roe

Machynlleth, Wales, United Kingdom

Scott’s ‘raggedy-hotch-potch’ artistic career has included circus, theatre, music and more static forms of visual art. Living at Bron Yr Aur has brought the emergence of a more visually creative process evoking the gentle, magical atmosphere so connected with this historic place.

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