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Amongst the hills of the Welsh countryside lies our home, Bron Yr Aur.  We welcome you to our virtual home, a place to experience some of the sights around Bron Yr Aur that inspire so many fantastic songs, words and thoughts.  Please pay a visit to our shop, read the current happenings, and consider becoming a Friend of Bron Yr Aur.

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Living ‘off the grid’ in rural Wales – Marketplace USA

Rock and roll doesn’t usually go hand in hand with concern about climate change. But in this story it does. A small cottage in rural Wales — where the British rock band Led Zeppelin wrote some of their greatest hits — has today become a showcase for a low carbon lifestyle.

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Off-grid power generation

Off-grid power generation and general living Off grid living can be a complicated business, I would love to simplify things over the coming years, but the real challenge is trying to keep things simple whilst maintaining some level of comfort. When I first visited...

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VIP retreat

VIP retreat at Bron Yr Aur An amazing opportunity to experience the tranquillity of Bron Yr Aur. Writers, musicians & poets or anyone wanting to experience a unique retreat hidden in the Snowdonia hills. Please sign up to be kept informed about future...

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