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A Work in Progress

Very much a work in progress. Thought I would try my hand since I havn't painted for almost 20 years! (Scott @ Bron Yr Aur)

Compulsory sale of Bron yr aur

Compulsory sale of Bron yr aur: if just 2 more fields had been bought under compulsory purchase by the Forestry Commission in the 1950's, Bron yr aur would now have looked like this... (Pen Pina cottage, short walk from here)

One Woman Walks Wales

Please check out the 'One Woman Walks Wales' website to find out about this fantastic challenge and super-worthy cause.

London Stereoscopic Company

We have just been sent a lovely gift from Brian May's fantastic company The London Stereoscopic Company Ltd. Take a look at Brian's website if you havn't already seen it. Thanks Brian,Bob and Robert for our gift -Wayne...